Website or hostname is unreachable on RISE but reachable on other ISPs


A site will be accessible and serving content when reached by other ISPs while not being reachable when using RISE.


There are two possible issues here:

  • The site has blocked your IP specifically, due to suspected misuse of services.
  • The site has a general block list that incorrectly covers RISE IP Address space. Some hosts (e.g. websites or other servers) apply block lists which cover un-allocated IP address space. In the past when there was significant address space which was unallocated this was considered best practice. However with IPv4 resources being almost entirely allocated this practise is generally considered to be harmful, especially as "un-allocated space" can very quickly become "allocated".


In both of the above circumstances the solution is the same. As RISE does not have control of the site we suggest that you contact the administrator of the site in question. As a customer of the site, your complaint will carry more weight than a message from a provider (such as RISE).