Slow Internet Connectivity


  • Websites load slower than expected.
  • Speedtest result is slower than expected.


  • If a number of different sites are slower than expected your connection may be being over-utilised. This may be from the number of devices connected at the same time or another user on your local network using all of your bandwidth or creating an usually large amount of traffic (i.e. video streaming, file sharing, etc.) which will result in a slower experience for everyone else on the same connection.


  1. Make sure you’re on a wired connection, it is expected with some wireless connections that you will see slight speed or quality degradation.
  2. Please perform a speed test by visiting and ensuring you are using RISE as your server. Please be aware that any usage of the connection will affect your speed in some way (i.e. video streaming, file sharing, other users etc.). If your result is less than the purchased speed please perform this while isolated in an "isolation test".
  3. If you receive the correct speed from the RISE speedtest server please perform further diagnostics with an 'mtr' trace to the sites to which you're experiencing slow speed. mtr is available via standard package management solutions on linux and mac. If you are using Windows please Install winmtr - If you are performing general troubleshooting please mtr to Google's DNS at and if you notice any packet loss after the RISE network please take a screen shot and email it to 
  4. If you continue to experience issues to all sites please perform an isolation test and mtr to the sites you're having issues with and send your screenshots to