Performing An Isolation Test


- Internet not functioning at all

- Slower speeds than usual

- Connection dropping out

- Packet loss observed to all external sites


- The above symptoms indicate that an isolation test should be conducted to eliminate potential internal network (LAN) issues.

- If the isolation test resolves the issue(s) then the problem is most likely to be on the internal network. If this is the case please refer to your network administrator.


  1. Unplug your router from the ONT and plug a PC into the same port (usually Port 1) in its place.
  2. Please set the correct IP, gateway, subnet mask and DNS information on the PC, as was issued upon service activation
  3. Ping (Google's DNS server) to identify if you can reach the wider internet
  4. If this fails you are also asked to ping a RISE gateway e.g.
  5. Conduct any further tests of speed and browsing that were failing before to compare results. If you are doing a speed test, please use the RISE Speedtest Server, as we cannot guarantee capacity is available on a server maintained by another company. Also repeat any MTR traces that you have previously provided to RISE.