Bandwidth Graphing

RISE allows Enterprise customers to request graphs of their connections. This may assist in identifying bandwidth over-utilisation that may cause a 'slow' experience for end users.

To request your graph please email

Please note graphing requests will be handled during business hours on a  best-effort  basis. Due to the nature of our support desk we are currently unable to take standing requests for orders (e.g. please send me a graph every day at 3pm). We will try to be as responsive as possible for each request and in time will offer a portal with full reporting including bandwidth graphing.

If it is critical to your operations to have real-time access to this information, we suggest you investigate performing the function internally. There are many excellent tools available that can do this, one of the easiest being the Solarwinds Free Realtime Bandwidth Monitor ( The Solarwinds tool is Windows only, but you could also try PeakHour for Mac ( or one of many Linux tools such as Cacti.