Fiber Cap Plans

RISE Fiber Cap Plans are internet plans that utilise data caps. They come with a limited allowance of volume, such as 200Gb and 500Gb. These plans are configured to provide 20Mbps throughput under normal operation.

Essentially, data caps are a method of limiting the amount of data being used on a network based on volume (i.e. uploads and downloads.)

Why use data caps?

One of our aims is to increase the overall bandwidth available to our customers. The volume of data transferred across a service has a big impact on the cost of providing that service. If more data is transferred, more capacity is required in the network - and capacity costs money. Our Dedicated Broadband plans (which do not have a volume limit or cap) are a great fit for medium and large-sized companies, but they can exceed requirements for smaller businesses with more modest data needs.

For lower priced  plans  some providers limit the speed (for example plans at speeds such as 1Mbps or 6Mbps) at which you can transfer data. Ultimately this limits the volume of data you can transfer across the network, however it results in poor performance because the speed available is low.

At RISE, we don't believe in providing poor performance just to meet a cost point, and we believe the minimum internet speed should be 20Mbps. We limit the volume of data you can transfer rather than the speed at which you can transfer it. This accurately reflects the cost of the service, while at the same time giving the same outstanding performance as our 20Mbps Dedicated plan.

What is the main advantage of data caps?

Your throughput will remain at 20Mbps so long as your cap is not exceeded. In this way you receive a higher speed and a better internet experience than would otherwise be possible for the same price.

What happens if I exceed my data cap?

Your speed will be throttled to 256Kbps till the end of your billing period. At the start of the next billing period your throttle is removed and data cap reset.

What if I don't want to be throttled?

If you do not want to wait till the next billing period for the throttle to be removed, you are able to purchase additional data packs which increase your data cap by 10% of your plan size for a single billing period. You are able to purchase as many data packs as required, however we recommend upgrading to the next plan level as it is likely to be cheaper. To purchase a new data pack, simply email with your request and account details. Please note that these requests will be processed only within business hours, Monday to Friday.

What if I always exceed my data cap?

If you expect to use more data cap on an ongoing basis you are also able to upgrade to a higher tier Data Cap Plan or a Dedicated Broadband plan at any time without charge