Configuring a router to work with RISE SME services

The RISE SME service allows you to select your own router for use - in case you have specific requirements that aren't met by the router we provide, or you simply already have a router of your own that you wish to use. This page covers the specific configuration details required to set up the RISE SME service on your own router.

PPPoE - Username and Password

The RISE SME service uses the PPPoE protocol for connectivity. This requires a username and password to create a connection. The username and password will have been given to you on service activation, and can be provided by RISE SME Support if you require (

IP Addressing and DNS

PPPoE will handle the IP addressing and setting of DNS servers automatically - there is no need to set a WAN IP on your router.


It is typical for routers to set the MTU of a PPPoE connection to 1480B or 1492B by default. The RISE service supports a PPPoE MTU of 1492B in Manila and 1500B in Cebu, though if your router or device only supports a lower MTU this is also fully supported.