Looking Glass Quickstart

The RISE Looking Glass provides a realtime look at the RISE routing topology. Whether you want to see how traffic gets from RISE to "Point B," compare latencies, or simply see if a destination is reachable via RISE network, the Looking Glass can help provide this routing related information in real-time.

This page describes how you can use RISE Looking Glass successfully.  

  1. Go to RISE Looking Glass
  2. Select the preferred router to use (Cebu or Manila at this stage, with more to come.) Select the region you are in or the nearest region to your location. In this example, we will be using Cebu Looking Glass as a starting point of the query.
  3. Let's do a traceroute. Select traceroute IP_ADDRESS|HOSTNAME in the "Command to issue" section.
  4. Enter the destination IP or hostname in "Parameter" section. In this example, we will be doing a traceroute to google's DNS server which is
  5. Press or click the "Enter" button.

  6. Traceroute allows you to see how packets traveled through the network to a specific destination. It shows the domain, IP address and the round-trip times a packet takes as it travels.

  7. Click the "Reset" button to make a new query.

  8. If you want to learn more about RISE Looking glass and what other queries you can make, you can read more at How to use the RISE Looking Glass