MTR For Mac OS

The process for installing MTR on Mac OS is a little more complex than you may be used to. You first need to install a package manager like MacPorts or Homebrew. This guide will show how to use Homebrew.

1. To install Homebrew, open Terminal via (1) Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal or (2) via Spotlight Search, and enter the command below.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

This will then ask you to input your password to continue with the installation. You will then be prompted to press the Return(Enter) key.

     Refer to the image below to confirm if you have successfully installed Homebrew: 
2. Then install MTR by running the command:
brew install mtr
3. Once mtr is installed, run the command: 
cd /usr/local/Cellar/mtr/0.92/sbin
4. Make the mtr command available to your system by running:
sudo cp mtr /usr/local/bin
sudo cp mtr-packet /usr/local/bin/	
5. Restart Terminal (quit and reopen)
6. Run sudo mtr and you should receive an output like below. Copy and paste this into an email to
mba:~ dc$ mtr -rc 50 

Start: Thu Jul 28 18:31:06 2016 HOST: mba     Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev   

1.|--                	      0.0%    50    0.7   0.9   0.4   7.9   1.0   

2.|-- 43-226-7-25.static.rise.a  	      0.0%    50    0.9   1.7   0.6  19.0   2.8   

3.|--             	      0.0%    50    0.9   1.5   0.7  16.7   2.3
7. If you want to learn more about the MTR tool and what the numbers mean, you can read more at Reporting Packet Loss