TP Link LAN IP Change

These instructions are for configuring a TP-Link Archer C9 router with a custom LAN IP range, DNS server and DHCP range. In this example we will configure with the following details:

LAN IP Range (Sample Subnet)
Router IP 
DNS Servers, 
DHCP Range -

First you will need to log into the router. Follow “Set up your computer” from this location first:

You can access your router via a web browser using the address

  1. Select the “Advanced” section at the top
  2. Now select Network->LAN on the left
  3. In this section you will need to change the IP Address to your selected router IP ( in this case.) Typically you will keep the subnet mask the same as which is equivalent to a /24, however you can also change this if you know you need to.


Hit SAVE to apply the configuration:

 4. Once you save this setting, it is likely you will not be able to access your router anymore, as you are accessing the old address. You will now need to statically assign the IP address on your computer to something in the same subnet as your router. There is a guide for Windows computers here:

5. You can now log back into your router using the IP address you previously assigned (

  6. Now navigate to the Advanced section at the top, and then to DHCP->DHCP Settings on the left to update the DHCP server ranges

7. To align with the above settings, we would set Start IP to, End IP to, Default Gateway to, Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to

8. You may choose to adjust the Address Lease Time - if DHCP is primarily used for guest clients, shorter times are generally preferred (maybe 15-30mins) however the default value is also fine.

9. You can now save and exit the router configuration.